Dundee AAC Research Group

AAC Group LogoThe Dundee University‘s AAC Research Group at Computing in the School of Science and Engineering is the world leader in developing intelligent and multimodal technologies within the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), working with the foremost companies in the field to support and enhance interaction for individuals with a variety of communication impairments across the lifespan. The Dundee AAC Research Group is at the heart of this work, involving the end users of software in the design and development. The group always welcome inquiries about new PhD projects, please get in touch with Professor Annalu Waller.

Current Topics

A selection taken from of our research, teaching and consultancy and other news.

International Conference: ISAAC 2016, Toronto

ISAAC 2016 eng-fr logo (web resized)Our team is presenting our Work at the international conference ISAAC 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Please follow the updates on our Facebook page: facebook.com/Dundee.AAC.Group and on Twitter: @DundeeAAC (#ISAAC2016).

The ISAAC Conference programme is now online: ISAAC 2016 Schedules. Here a list of our presentations:

MSc in AAC Scholarships available

Students and AAC users(DAAC Teaching) Psychology at the School of Social Sciences and Computing at the School of Science and Engineering at the University of Dundee have introduced this new MSc course in 2013. The aims of this interdisciplinary course are to provide individuals with a psychology, computing, industry or clinical care background with a better understanding of the latest developments in:

  • The psychology of the development of language and communication;
  • The design ethnography of AAC solutions;
  • The engineering of AAC solutions;
  • The effective evaluation of AAC solutions on an individual and group basis. However, the over-arching aim of the course is to provide individuals with sufficient research training to allow them to become effective scientist-practitioners.

Due to an initiative from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) designed to support key sectors in the Scottish economy, fully-fee funded part-time or full time places are currently available for Scottish or EU students starting this course in Sept 2016.

For more information on the AAC MSc please visit the Postgraduate Courses information website at Psychology, School of Social Sciences.

Featured Research Project

Child using HwSt prototype(DAAC Research) “How was School today…?” (HwSt), an award winning research project, looked into the feasibility of using sensor data and data-to-text technology to support personal narrative of non-speaking children who use AAC.

Being able to tell stories about ourselves is a central part of the human experience and of social interaction. Most people do this naturally, for example while chatting with family members over the dinner table. But telling stories about oneself can be a real struggle for people with complex communication needs (CCN). Relying on using Speech Generating Devices, their interaction can be restricted in speed and vocabulary which can be a frustrating experience when it comes to spontaneous social conversation.

More information on the project website, with HwSt news links to project coverage by the BBC and other media.


There are a number of special user groups associated with the Dundee AAC Group. These user groups work with DAAC in research and teaching.

Aphasia iPad Group

Tap and Talk LogoThe Aphasia iPad Group was established by members of the local Speakeasy group together with the Speech and Language Therapy adult service of the NHS Tayside to help adults with aphasia in using an iPad to support their communication. Find out more on our project page: aac.dundee.ac.uk/tap-and-talk

Straight Talking Group (STG)

The Straight Talking Group is a user group of adults with complex disabilities who use a range of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Learn more, and meet the team, on our STG  page: http://aac.dundee.ac.uk/stg/